Taste Them All



Peanut Butter Cake with a Creamy Peanut Butter Ganache

If you like peanut butter, you'll love this cake. The soft fluffy underside is made with a specialty blend of peanut butter and homemade cake batter for the perfect sponge cake we're known for. And for the peanut butter lover within you the cake's also been topped with a special peanut butter ganache. Go Nuts!


A Chocolate Brownie

We load our brownies with the finest quality of melted, tempered, silky smooth chocolate, none of that cheap lame cocoa powder stuff, we know you want the real thing and we're prepared to give it to you. 

As if the sheer amount of melted top quality chocolate isn't enough, we also line each and every brownie with a staggering amount of top of the line chocolate chips, just to satisfy that sweet tooth of yours. 

Like your brownies dark? We have you covered!

Like your brownies sweeter? We also have you covered!

Contact us and tell us whether you want your brownies made with milk chocolate or dark chocolate, or maybe you'd like a mix of both.  We don't mind the extra work, we're all about making you smile here at the Little Brown Bag Bakery.



A Japanese Classic

The Kasutera, or Castella, is one of the most popular cakes originating from Japan. Don't worry,  you won't have to fly all the way over to japan to taste one of these delicious cakes, We make 'em just as good!

The castella is a staple at tea time,  if you're looking for the next big cake to enjoy with your afternoon drink, look no further! We highly suggest pairing the Castella with any tea, especially green tea, matcha, or hojicha. Don't worry if you don't have any Japanese teas on hand, the castella goes well with tea from all around the globe, in fact it's also delicious with coffee!


A Twist On A Classic

This is a new spin on the classic Kasutera, except it's been dipped in the finest quality tempered chocolate. The crispy, melt in your mouth chocolate shell pairs wonderfully so with the soft fluffy texture of the castella. 

It's no surprise that it's absolutely delicious, but like all our other cakes we can customize this one too! We can dip it in either milk chocolate or dark chocolate, it's up to you! 



Hazelnut Marshmallow Cake

With a center filled to the brim with melted marshmallow goodness, this hazelnut coated cake is sure to have you yearning for more. 

The soft, fluffy, yet creamy texture of the cake completely blends in with the creamy texture of the marshmallow, and the melt in your mouth hazelnut chocolate coating.


Comforting Carrot Cake

The carrot cake is a cake deeply rooted in the annals of history, and for good reason! Moist yet fluffy and topped with a creamy, savory frosting, it's so delicious that even George Washington was once served carrot cake!

We stuff our carrot cakes with the highest quality of carrots, nuts and dried fruit, quality you can expect from the Little Brown Bag Bakery. 



Not only for Santa!

Our Cookies are baked to perfection using a recipe even Santa Claus would approve of, there's a reason we're his favorite house to visit every year.

Experience the taste of a crisp yet soft, Sweet yet savory, moist yet fluffy cookie. Trust us, you're not gonna want to pass on these.