what the fudge

what the fudge

We load our brownies with the finest quality of melted, tempered, silky smooth chocolate, none of that cheap lame cocoa powder stuff, we know you want the real thing and we're prepared to give it to you. 

As if the sheer amount of melted top quality chocolate isn't enough, we also line each and every brownie with a staggering amount of top of the line chocolate chips, just to satisfy that sweet tooth of yours. 

Like your brownies dark? We have you covered!

Like your brownies sweeter? We also have you covered!

Contact us and tell us whether you want your brownies made with milk chocolate or dark chocolate, or maybe you'd like a mix of both.  We don't mind the extra work, we're all about making you smile here at theLittle Brown Bag Bakery.


Please Note that although the site says free shipping, you will be expected to pay for the lineman shipping cost. (Generally Less than 100 baht)


Also Please be aware that although the site only shows paypal as a payment method, you may also pay with debit/credit. By clicking on the paypal symbol you will be redirected to paypal, but will be able to opt for debit/credit.